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Are you looking for custom made UV Bonded glass cabinets? if so read on!

Glass UV Bonding is a process which utilizes the latest innovations in glass bonding technology to create seamless joints that are surprisingly strong and can be utalised to create modern display cabinets that look great and are built to last. They are perfect for displaying food in cafe’s and cake shops etc as they don’t have brackets to catch food and dirt, and are easier to clean. They are also great for a range of cabinets that require a clean and modern look without brackets or posts impairing the view of the products on display. These are manufactured by specialists trained in the processes of Glass UV Bonding. and are usually available within around 4-6 weeks from order. Bespoke sizes of Glass UV Bonded cabinets are available, made to your exact requirements.


We generally use 8 or 10 mm toughened glass as this is usually more than adequate to provide the strength required and gives a good surface area for the bond. It is also possible to bond laminated glass although this is more expensive and does have restrictions when it comes to drilling holes etc. Laminated glass will have a central joint line along the edge where the plastic layer is set between the 2 glass panels. Laminated glass is often specified for insurance purposes but does add significantly to the cost.


We can fit doors if required. Our sliding doors are usually 6mm toughened glass and fitted into an Anodised aluminium tracking which is very smooth to operate and can include locks and fingerpulls as required. If hinged doors are used, they can be either pivot hinges, or UV bonded hinges (pivot hinges are generally the cheaper option) other types are also available depending on the size of the door/s and the application. Please ask for further advice on what best suits your cabinet.


We can also fit LED lighting. This can be task lighting or LED strip lighting. There are many options and solutions available. Bear in mind the cable will either need to exit through a hole in the glass, or through the cabinet (via a conduit).


Shelves can either be bonded in place, removable on metal or glass shelf supports, or adjustable on a shelf track.


Our UV Bonded cabinets can be delivered by our dedicated couriers who are insured to transport glass (unlike standard couriers).  Alternatively , collection is an option

Bear in mind the weight of your cabinet – If the weight means it will be too big or heavy to move safely, it may be best to have your cabinet built using high quality decorative brackets instead of UV Bonding. This means the cabinet can be transported unassembled and built up on site. It also means it can be dismantled and relocated in the future if need be. It is sometimes possible to UV Bond the cabinet in place to avoid having to move it.

If you require custom sized Glass UV bonded cabinets, please contact us for a quotation or use our Bespoke Quote Builder

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